Miami Beach Oceanfront Condo
2000sf of top marble, 750sf 180-degree ocean terrace, 320-degree panorama of Ocean and City

AC LaTour architecture exterior from NE cropped­.JPG 4.42MB 2016-01-11
A 20140906 LaTour Boardwalk and view of building 085153­.jpg 2.12MB 2016-01-11
A floorplan LaTour OfSu annotated Ocean­.jpg 847KB 2015-11-24
BA 20151217 LaTour-OfSu balcony,view­.jpg 7.32MB 2015-12-25
BP 20160109 LatourOfSu balcony ocean view panorama 121533­.jpg 3.8MB 2016-01-09
CL 2016-01-09 LaTourOfSu living room panorama Eastward and ocean view 14­.07­.52­.jpg 3.65MB
CL 2016-01-09 LaTourOfSu living room panorama Westward 14­.05­.43­.jpg 4.13MB
C 20160117 LaTour-OfSu Living room Eastward panorama Ocean, buffet, dining table 171954­.jpg 1.99MB 2016-01-17
C 20160118 Latour-OfSu Panorama Living, Study, Ocean , N, E 173901­.jpg 325KB 2016-01-26
D1 20160117 LaTour-OfSu Living and Study from Study door semi-panorama, floors, marble, Ocean 171757­.jpg 838KB 2016-01-17
D1 20160117 LaTour-OfSu Study desk, Ocean 172927­.jpg 1.55MB 2016-01-17
D1 20160118 Living+Ocean 175021­.jpg 4.49MB 2016-01-18
D2 2016-01-17 LaTour-OfSu Study corner 16­.55­.21­.jpg 3.37MB
D2 20160117 Latour-OfSu Dining table, Ocean 172911­.jpg 1.64MB 2016-01-17
D 2016-01-10 LaTour-OfSu study+living panorama Ocean blueish 17­.55­.01­.jpg 3.39MB
D 2016-01-10 LaTourOfSu study + ocean panorama goldish nice 17­.56­.49­.jpg 2.93MB
D 2016-01-17 LaTour-OfSu Study nice panorama from NW mirror to NE, E,SE 16­.53­.10­.jpg 3.44MB
D 20160116 LatourOfSu Study Ocean panorama N,E,SW 133304­.jpg 18.13MB 2016-01-16
D 20160117 LaTour-OfSu Study-living panorama Ocean cropped 172118­.jpg 980KB 2016-01-17
G 20160110 OfSu Bedroom Panorama, Ocean Wide 133503­.jpg 2.04MB 2016-01-10
G 20160110 OfSu Bedroom nice semi-panorama, Ocean implied 123451­.jpg 5.13MB 2016-01-10
G 20160117 LaTour-OfSu Master Bedroom panorama, Ocean 161650­.jpg 1.13MB 2016-01-17
G 20160117 Latour-OfSu Master Bedroom semi-panorama, Ocean 161956­.jpg 820KB 2016-01-17
H 2016-01-10 OfSu Bathroom semi-panorama ocean nice 14­.06­.54­.jpg 1.85MB
H 20160117 LaTour-OfSu Bathroom Panorama 162740­.jpg 1.4MB 2016-01-17
K 2016-01-10 LaTourOfSu Kitchen semi-panorama ocean 18­.01­.49­.jpg 838KB
K 2016-01-17 LaTour-OfSu Kitchen, Ocean 17­.01­.25­.jpg 4.24MB
K 20160117 LaTour-OfSu Kitchen breakfast table with Ocean view 173001­.jpg 725KB 2016-01-17
K 20160118 LaTour-OfSu Kitchen 174108­.jpg 190KB 2016-01-26
M 2016-01-17 16­.43­.50 LaTour-OfSu semi-panorama gallery Eastwards and South via Den­.jpg 1.91MB
M 20160118 Den SW +Ocean 174702­.jpg 4.4MB 2016-01-18
M 20160118 NW+Ocean 174535­.jpg 3.91MB 2016-01-18
N 20160117 LaTour-OfSu Door into Study 172744­.jpg 999KB 2016-01-17
N 20160118 Hallway+Ocean 174818­.jpg 4.47MB 2016-01-26
N 20160118 Hallway+Ocean 174856­.jpg 4.45MB 2016-01-26
VA Aerial view panorama of LaTour , tennis court, beach, boardwalk­.jpg 193KB 2016-02-04
VN LaTour view South night=DSC00216­.JPG 571KB 2016-01-11
VN LaTour view night North DSC00215­.JPG 445KB 2016-01-11
V 20140906 LaTour view sunrise over ocean­.jpg 4.3MB 2016-01-11
V 20160109 LaTour-OfSu view Northward to Fontainebleau cropped 123416­.jpg 6.78MB 2016-01-14
V 20160109 LaTourOfSu view Southwards to Mosaic 123434­.jpg 5.03MB 2016-01-09
V 20160109 LaTourOfSu view to SW to Miami Downtown over green MB123441­.jpg 3.48MB 2016-01-09
V LaTour blueish view North dscn2865­.jpg 5.96MB 2016-01-11
V LaTour view NorthWest p0003523­.jpg 531KB 2016-01-11
V LaTour view North over fog cropped dscn1273­.jpg 5.54MB 2016-01-14
V LaTour view rainbow over Ocean dscn2880­.jpg 5.62MB 2016-01-11
V LaTour view south to Mosaic dsc08815­.jpg 4.13MB 2016-01-11
W 20160111 LaTour basketball 163807­.jpg 2.4MB 2016-01-11
W 20160111 LaTour gym 164113­.jpg 1.17MB 2016-01-11
W 20160111 LaTour pool , boardwalk and Ocean 164259­.jpg 959KB 2016-01-11
W 20160111 LaTour tennis court 163733­.jpg 2.36MB 2016-01-11
ZB 20160109 LaTourOfSu balcony view Southward through living room123408­.jpg 3.95MB 2016-01-09
ZTP 2016-01-09 thumbnail LaTourOfSu tri-panorama collage - balcony ocean view, living room Eastward, living Westward­.jpg 174KB
ZZ LaTourOfSu model sitting-on-balcony­.JO­.jpg 885KB 2009-05-25

Palatial Panoramic Oceanfront Condo — For Sale: $3,300,000 La Tour Condominium, 4201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, Florida 33140

2788 sq.ft (259 sq.m.):

Palatial Interior: 2026 sq.ft;
wrap-around terrace: 762 sq.ft;
3 bedrooms, 3 bath, and a large study.

This apartment was the site of the Fashion TV video aired November-December 2008. The unit was renovated in 2015.

Exposure: East (Ocean), South (South Beach, Miami), North (Miami Beach, Bay, Aventura). All rooms and master bathroom and kitchen have ocean-direct views. The unit occupies the Eastern half of the 22nd floor. The only other apartments on the 22nd are two smaller units in the Western half of the floor. The building is set in a peninisular inlet and closer to the ocean than neighboring buildings, thus allowing an unobstructed panorama. A unique 320-degree view of the world — E, S, N, S, NW, SW — giving a direct view of the the ocean and intracostal waters and downtown Miami.

Extreme privacy: no neighbors in sight.

Parking: Two assigned spaces in the garage; additional complementary parking available for long and short term visitors.

Building: Built in 1995, 66 units, 26 floors.

Location: on a quite beach; yet just one block North of the 41 St leading straight, via a causeway, to the airport (15 minutes). Walk to top restaurants and nightlife. One block from the Fontainebleau Resort and a couple of blocks to Faena.

Interior: French Empire and Neoclassical (custom reproductions), all solid wood with marketry veneers, marble, bronze and gold-plated brass accents, venetian plaster, gold-foil crown molding.

Building amenities: direct beach access, heated swimming pool, jacuzzi, tennis court, men's and women's dry saunas, gym, concierge, doorman, 24-hour security, onsite manager, a shabat elevator.

Pictures of the unit:

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Real Estate Brokers/Agents welcome.